Pirates, Pods and Profits

Unfinished business on Cholganna

New Opportunist, Old Opportunity

The party safely and successfully escaped the clutches of The Empire as well as The Yiyar Clan. Their destination: ISO-1, a large freighter that serves as a mobile base of operations for ISOTech. The team uses this opportunity to get rested and also search for some equipment…

Jager picks up a Catch Vest for some personal protection, his Heavy Clothing worn and dirtied from the trek. Jager finds a nice quiet workstation and starts to tinker on his HL-27 blaster pistol.

Kyusei, frustrated by the loss of his heirloom Vibroblade, finds a replacement Vibro-Rapier. It will do nicely until he has time to catch up with that Mercenary, Blade. A message comes through on an encrypted holovid from The Clan, indicating that he has a target left behind on Cholganna and he has 1 week to fulfill his obligation.

Flint strikes up a conversation with Roem and finds out that there is still a very large reward for the precious metal bars left behind on Cholganna. There are also some cybernetic parts and data that Craytala left behind in the rushed exodus…

Roem stands up from behind his desk.

“So what do you say? 50 precious metal bars locked in a vault deep in the Sa’Nalor. Bring me back the bars and I’ll give you a fine cut.” Flint eagerly chimes in “I’m looking for a new employer. How does 10% of the payout sound?”

Roem nods his head in agreement. “Fair enough. I have an extra YT-2400 ship that you can use for ISOTech business. Plenty of storage on board, plus we’ll be able to keep track of you in case anything goes awry.” Roem looks over his new employee, then at Kyusei and Jager “What about you two? You’ve done some fine work from what I understand. I’d like to extend the same offer to you. "

The response is hesitant from both. “I have a few commitments already, I can’t guarantee I’ll be available. But I’ll come when I can” Jager replies. Kyusei nods his head in agreement, “My commitment is to my clan. If I can assist, I will.”

Roem scratches his head, confused by his previous generosity to these strangers. “Well, until you change your mind how does a 5% payout on any jobs sound? Of course, you won’t get the same kind of services as Mr. Lightfoot. If you ever change your mind about coming on full time just let me know. I want to make sure that my investment is very well protected, so I’m going to assign some personal mercenaries to accompany you. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but the contents of that vault run upwards of 400,000 credits.”

Jager’s jaw drops as he pauses for a moment “Count me in for this one.” Kyusei again nods his head in agreement. Flint and Tien are well on-board with the mission, as well as Roem’s mercenaries.

With that, the crew boards the YT-2400 freighter and departs ISO-1. Flint punches in the astrogation coordinates and they set off to Cholganna……



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