Pirates, Pods and Profits

I've got a fever, for more CHOLGANNA

This is your pilot speaking, we are cruising at a speed of 4 parsecs. To your left you will see the Cholganna Nebulae cloud passing. Touch down was next to impossible, I think we had to relocate 2 or 3 times before finding a suitable landing spot. It was a foggy day, we got out along with the mercenaries and supporting crew. I remember descending the ladder and seeing all their bodies on the ground, ravaged by something… I wasn’t having any of it so back up to the ship I went. It took some convincing but Kyusei got me back out on the ground.

Our target: The Vault. All we knew is that it was buried somewhere deep inside the wreck. The ship was covered in moss and overgrowth from decades of abandonment. Flint knew a good way in so we let him lead on. In the distance we could hear the sound of claws and howls, we were far from alone in this derelict freighter. We made it down the ladders without incident, but some horrible beast had made his home in one of the ventilation shafts. Kyusei got passed him fine, but I wasn’t so lucky. It grabbed me right off the ground, I could feel it squeezing the air out of me! To make matters even worse Harbo, one of our mercenaries, tried to take a shot off to free me but he missed and the blaster pierced my shoulder. I remember waking up on the ground with Kyusei and the others standing over me. Little did I know that things were going to get worse…

About 20 minutes of navigating the mossy tunnels, the light dimming as we dive deeper. The glowrods give off just enough light to show the corridor writhing up ahead. Flint fires off a shot with his DL-44 and sends a huge swarm of bark rats our way! The rats scurry towards Kyusei, but his vibro-rapier makes fast work of a pack. They charged toward Flint and quickly overwhelmed him, crawling up his legs and back. I took a careful aim with my good arm and blasted one clean off before it could sink it’s yellow teeth into him. Flint was able to dispatch the other few rats with ease. I found a circuit breaker somehow still with a functioning power cell, the emergency lights flickered on and filled the mossy-green corridor with a dull orange. Finally, we had found the security door we were looking for; it was solid and stuck in place from years of abandonment. I still had that trusty detonite charge, could this be the best use? Sure, why not? I set the charge, no problems there… Step back 40 feet… annnnnnnnd boom. It exploded with the sound of a hutt tripping over itself. IT BARELY MOVED!? The door was opened, but we couldn’t even squeeze through. As we leaned in to look through the black, two vine-snakes lunged out at us! The door was too small for them to make it through and Kyusei skewered them. With some strain, pushing and sheer muscle we were in!

Kyusei took point, the room was large and safe. Flint and I made our way in. The Vault? It was sitting about 15 feet down a 3 foot gap in the floor… I volunteered to drop down into the pit and inspect the vault to plan the next steps. It seems do-able… I started to tinker with the lock and after a few minutes I heard the satisfying klink of the tumblers falling into place. The door opened wide to reveal the precious metal bars we’ve been hunting for. I called up to the team to pull me back up so we can discuss the plan to remove the 50+ bars, plus the cybernetics and datapads within. As I was ascending towards the team a sharp pain hit my leg! I remember kicking whatever it was off my leg and the team helped pull me up. I could barely walk and just lay in the corner trying to stay concious from the blood loss. Kyusei and Flint can fight whatever it is, I think I’m out of this one…

3 hours later**
Kyusei must have carried me out. I woke up back on the ship with a med-droid hovering over me. My shoulder was feeling better, but my leg was still in a lot of pain. Good night from the sick-bay.



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