Pirates, Pods and Profits

Welcome to the Jungle

We dropped out of hyperspace into some kind of dust nebulae. The ship took a pounding but it held together long enough. The green jewel planet close and within 30 minutes we were in the atmosphere. Thick jungle trees covered the surface with mountains and hills jutting above. Finding a crashed ship was not gonna be easy.

We started by breaking the planet up in to sections, running scans on each section for wreckage and holo-signals. Hours went by before we finally saw a clearing with a crashed escape pod. Kyusei, Courte and Blade rappelled down to investigate. The pod was corroded and damaged, a charred “BESH-32” marked on the side. We were barely able to salvage the navcomputer without it falling apart from rust, unfortunately we didn’t have the time or capability to get it functioning.

A few more hours and we finally made the big find: a large section of a downed ship. Keph set us down in a clearing. We all set out on foot, the jungle was alive with animal sounds. This reminds me a lot of our campaign out on Kashyykk, danger was everywhere.

The wreck was massive so we split up into two groups. Kyusei, Gunner and myself took a high passage while IT3PO, Courte and Blade took another passage. The last thing I remember was Kyusei pressing forward through a dark corridor, then down I went. It was dark and wet, the rushing current pulled me through parts of the ship and I was just struggling to keep my head above the water.

I remember waking up, Gunner laying face down next to me and a Nexu cautiously snapping at his limp body. I raised my blaster towards the beast and fired off a hail of shots, managing to scare it away just long enough for Kyusei to leap down onto the shore. The Nexus took up a pouncing position, but Kyusei carefully slashed it across the face leaving it blinded in both eyes.

A quick stim got us both back on our feet and we were on the path to another clearing nearby. Keph said that he found something else, something big. Making our way down a small twisting path, it was almost like the canopy was moving. Turns out, it was. These strange creatures started to descend on us. One of them dropped right on top of me, the fangs being held back only by my blaster rifle. It was a messy battle, but we walked away with minor injuries, except for me. I’m still bleeding out my side from the fall…

We had finally found what Keph had spotted, it was a small settlement nearby but it was wholly abandoned. Just then we were ambushed by the Yiyar Clan. They found us surprisingly fast. I didn’t have the strength to fight, I remember fading in and out of conciousness. The last thing I remember was being back on board the ship with IT-3PO, Courte and Keph watching over me…

Meanwhile, in the Jungle

Gunner, Blade and Kyusei travel across the wet jungle searching for the Yiyar Clan’s ship. Two guards stand post at the boarding ramp. But Kyusei and Gunner make quick work of them. They board the salvage shuttle to find a human and an unconscious rodian locked up in a small cargo locker. The human introduces himself as Jager Falkes, saying that he is from the Traveling P.A.N.T.S., a farce which does not go over well. Jager explains that he has been keeping tabs on the Yiyar Clan and ended up here. Offering his help against Clan Yiyar, the mercenaries take him along.

As they trek through the jungle pathways they encounter Yav, of Clan Yiyar and some of his mercenaries. A gunfight ensues, but Yav is overtaken. Unfortunately so is Blade. We checked Yav for any data, but nothing came up. Nightfall was coming and the Nexu would be out. We made a quick hustle back to our ship, leaving Yav and his men to the jungle.

With one less rival in our way set off to find the wreckage of the Sa’Nalaor. We started to head down the path when we heard splashed and rustling coming from a nearrby river…



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