Pirates, Pods and Profits

Mercenaries and Mishaps

Foz here. We arrived on this junk-heap of a planet. Between TIE Fighters, acid splash and falling ruins the ship has taken a real beating. I got a quote on repairs, ETA for parts is a week… Flint and Jager went out to look for parts to repair a derelict ISOTech shuttle, Kyusei is trying to get on the HoloNet to send a message and my crew has been working on some minor repairs until parts arrive.

Jager and Flint seem to have been succesful, their skiff just pulled up with a load of parts. Some other skiffs are coming in now too with more parts. Maybe I can find what I need…

~ 1 Hour Later ~

That’s a job well done. Those skiffs were loaded with scavenger mercenaries trying to steal our ship. We pushed them back, but the ship took more damage. Roem is sending me the rest of my credits and I’m finally rid of those hitchhikers. Now I’m off to settle a debt with a certain Galactic Empire… Foz out.

Foz and his mercenaries got what they wanted: a wealth of credits and a debt paid. Or at least that is what they believe. Foz, Blade, Gunner, Courte’ and Keph make for a system far away.

Flint, Jager and Kyusei are left behind with ISOTech and are now considering a very comfortable position with the company. The success was accomplished by rescuing Dr Kraytala, Captain Harsol, securing research data and insuring that ISOTech assets are safe. ISOTech is now offering the party a comfortable position, opening up new roads for them to explore. Unfortunately they also left behind a trail for The Empire…



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