Pirates, Pods and Profits

The Wheel

A Trip to Roem

We finished with Tomaas and boarded our ship. Courte’ and I got everything squared away, I think she’s ok and just got the wrong end of an arms deal. We checked our cargo hold and secured all the gear. Keph punched in the astrogation coordinates and we made the trip in short time. Our destination: The Wheel, a space station that is largely controlled my an AI and droids. I picked up an Ionization Blaster just in case things didn’t go so well…

Roem was our contact at The Wheel. The rodian didn’t have the usual pungent smell, a sign of a good businessman. Roem invited us into his office, a well decorated place called “ISOTech”. A well polished protocol droid stood behind an artfully crafted durasteel desk to greet us. “Greetings and welcome to ISOTech. Master Roem has been expecting you.”

Roem’s office was equally as luxurious as his entrance. Finely tanned hides and artwork dress the walls. The business-man sits in a comfortable chair behind a carved wroshyrr-wood desk, an older-model protocol droid standing beside him.

The arkanian smiles as he sees his new contractors come in. “Tomaas said that he had some very capable contacts that could assist me with this. I recently came in to possession of some very valuable information. A banking clan frigate called the Sa’’Nalaor was fleeing from an Imperial Star Destroyer, _”The Aggressor"_. The captain entered coordinates and jumped into hyperspace before The Aggressor had the chance to overtake it. The frigate was never seen or heard from again. Rumors circulate about what was on board; weapons, credits, medical supplies.

Roem pauses for a moment, as the protocol droid buzzes through the comms: “Master Roem, your next appointment is here.” “Alright, I’ll be with them in a minute.” Roem responds. “Please excuse me for the disturbance gentleman. As I was saying. All was quiet until recently when we intercepted an escape pod with this protocol droid aboard. The droid states that it was a survivor of the Sa’Nalaor and that it crashed on a planet called Cholganna. Your job in all of this is to find the Sa’Nalaor and bring back anything of value. Naturally we have an interest in technology and the Confederacy of Independent Systems certainly had their fair-share of it back in the day. This banking clan frigate could be full of treasures from the past, just waiting to be revealed.”

The group of mercenaries look at each other and weigh the options: find a crashed ship from 20 years ago, or have an arms dealer place bounties on their heads. “We’ll take it.” Foz says. “Good. I had a feeling you would and I think that you have a lot to gain from this. Tomaas doesn’t need to know about everything you find on board, so let’s keep that part between the two of us. This droid will be a helpful tool for you, it’s the only known survivor. I will send it to meet you once you’re ready to depart. Now if you don’t mind, I do have another appointment to tend to.”

As they get up to leave, Foz turns around and says “Just one thing, we’re going to need an advance on this payment. Tomaas sent us packing with little time or funds. If this mission is going to be successful then we’ll need at least 2000 credits up front.” Roem thinks for a moment and realizes the truth behind the statement. “Deal.” The group leaves the office, passing by a patient rodian in the waiting room.

We picked up a few supplies for the trip, nothing too exciting. After the supplies was the investigation. None of us knew anything about Cholganna, or wherever it was that we’re headed to. The only thing we knew is that if we pull this thing off then we can get Tomaas and his assassin off our back. As we were getting to settle in for the night we got a distress call from ISOTech. It was Roem’s sister, Roem had been attacked and his office ransacked. Someone also made off with C3P0.

Kyusei and I headed off towards ISOTech, we bumped into the green-skinned thieves pretty quick. As soon as they saw us they threw C3P0 onto a nearby luggage sled and took off. To our advantage there was another sled parked nearby but it was loaded up with junk. We had somewhere to be so I pushed the speeder scraps off in a hurry and jumped on the controls. Kyusei and I were pushing for a close position, we were able to close the gap and eliminate one of the toughs with ease. The chase ended abruptly when some loading droids closed off the escape route, resulting in a messy crash. Fortunately no civilians were hurt and were able to avoid the local security forces. We grabbed 3PO and ran off to our ship, which wasn’t far from the crash.

We pulled the astrogation coordinates faster than I’ve ever expected and arrived at Cholganna in half the time. Roem contacted us again before the jump and said that it was the Yiyar Clan, a rodian salvaging company, that attacked him. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing them again in the future.



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