Pirates, Pods and Profits

The Beginning

The Blast heard across The Galaxy

My name is Foz Biden, a veteran of the clone wars and hunter of the Jedi that worked to take away the freedom of our minds. I remember the order of the republic, the self-righteous jedi and their corrupt ways. I was a captain of a mercenary team for 15 years. Then I met an Alderaanian woman, Teres Cabar, and after our first daughter i decided to settle down, enjoying the finer things of life. This is my story…

The peaceful core planet, Alderaan, seems to be bustling with an unusual amount of energy. A new moon has been spotted in orbit, causing explorers and thrill seekers to investigate. I remember sitting in the TapCafe, waiting for my old comrade to arrive…

I can’t forget the day, no matter how hard i try. It was weird for Gunner to contact me like this. Normally we’d be going on some type of large-scale conflict or asset containment mission, but Gunner said this was bigger than either. Gunner suggested I contact anyone that’d be willing to help. Sha’kan Maul came to mind immediately, his uncle was a good man and displayed courage in battle.

It was good to see the tall Zabrak, when he arrived, his tribal tattoos drawing some unusual attention from the human populace. We grabbed a seat at my favorite TapCafe – “The Handsome Stranger”. The bartender saved me a special booth in the corner for these type of meetings. It wasn’t long after that Gunner arrived, his face filled with horror and urgency, “No time for small—talk or drinks, we need to leave now. Something big is going down, you need to come with me.” I could tell that this wasn’t a prank, Gunner wasn’t the type anyways. Sha’kan and I left our seats, a hefty tip lay on the table to cover for our drinks.

My wife was gonna have my head if I didn’t give her a shout on the comms. “Hey Teres, I know it’s short notice but an old friend needs some help. I won’t be home for dinner tonight, but I’ll give you a call later. Make sure Jans gets to bed early tonight. Love you.” Looking back, I wonder if there was anything I could have done for them…

It took us about 20 minutes to get to the docking bay from the TapCafe. Blade and Keph were on board. The Weequay blade master looked haggered as usual, “Good to see you Cap’n.” he shouts from the cockpit. Keph was never one for words or conversation, just a simple hand wave. The old freighter still looked and smelled the same: smokey with a faint odor of tibanna gas and fuel. Foz asks Blade “Did you ever get this thing serviced? It still smells like the Republic”, the weequay’s face stares back, not quite understanding the joke. I make my way up towards Gunner and Keph in the cockpit, the clouds thinning as we leave the atmosphere.

Within 15 minutes we were leaving orbit, I was a bit surprised by the speed we were traveling at. The large “moon” was in the far distance, looking more and more ominous as left. “_So Gunner, what was so ur…”_ Before I could finish a thought, our ship rocked and twisted like I never thought possible. A stack of unsecured cargo crates fell onto Blade, tumbling him like a pebble in the sea. Sha’kan grabbed hold of one of the cargo nets, narrowly avoiding the same injuries as Blade. The massive shockwave sent us spinning wildly through space. You could hear the durasteel frame creaking with stress as chunks of debris slammed the hull. Keph and Gunner were strapped in securely to their pilot seats, both busy trying to get the ship back under control before it came apart at the seams. I was just trying to get a hold on what happened.

They say that when you’re near death your life flashes before your eyes. I’ve been near death plenty of times, but nothing could explain what I just saw. Glowing embers and debris filled the void where Alderaan once sat. It’s blue oceans, green pastures and snowcapped mountains were just a memory now. Everything that I worked for; my family, my friends, my home, they were all gone. My thoughts linger on my oldest daughter, a CorSec recruit, she was supposed to come visit this week… I wonder if she’s ok…



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